Monday, February 4, 2013

Fitness Weekend

There are probably thousands of promotions run under the name of fitness weekend.  Then again, I’m not all that much of a promoter, other than to promote health and well being.  So, I’m here to tell you the secret to doing an awesome fitness weekend of your own.
The idea behind a fitness weekend is that one can do a lot of important things during a weekend.  Sure, everyone knows that doing laundry is super important, and watching the continuing adventures of Honey-Boo-Boo child and Uncle Poodle is not as important.  But, the fundamental idea of a fitness weekend is to do a bunch of cool stuff.
So, I’d been planning night skiing up at Great Divide since, well, last week.  But, in my fast moving world, a week is a long time.  There’s epidemics of congenital heart disease to be found and lost in a short time, along with more branches of ICD-10 to learn about.  There’s twenty or thirty miles to travel down in that time, which makes it feel slightly more epic.  Anyway, I head up to Great Divide, where I continue to ski, with less light than the last time I went, last weekend.  So, I get in three good hours up on Great Divide, where I continue to learn more about how to travel over snow, ice, and combinations thereof.
So, Don’s headed on the slopes the next day, and let it never be said that too much is not enough.  Anyway, he’s planning on heading out at 11:00.  So, I decide, rather than let a weekend of running go to waste, just go running before meeting up to go skiing.  Head up the Rodney Ridge for an awesome two hour run, finishing at exactly 9.99 miles.  I’m alright rounding that up to the whole ten miles.  The only real downsides were a few places where the trail was packed with snow that wanted to dump me off the ridge, and not having time to head out past Springhill Stables, and instead heading down Arrastra Gulch and flying back to my place in time to be ready at exactly 11:00.  I’m starting to get the hang of this running timing thing.
Yep, back for round two of skiing that afternoon.  Nothing like another hour and a half in boots, with new tricks to learn and places to move.  So, at this point, I’ve done a great run, and done two days of skiing.  But, is the end of the noble quest?
No, as expected, I head back out on Sunday for another great day out at Great Divide.  Jase shows us all an awesome route, even with the broken Good Luck lift.  Yep, I get to spend even more time outside, doing real and important things while a bunch of people I’ll never meet push each other around over a football.
So, how do I feel after this weekend?  I feel amazing.  At some point, the body switches from being exhausted to being energized.  The chemical receptors in the brain change wiring, and learn to ignore the exhaustion, instead, replacing it with massive amounts of chemicals released by the brain.
Get out there y’all!

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