Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why The Team Is Awesome

The Spring Fitness team does not do light workouts.
When I was a gymgoing man, during the dark days of wintertime, when the sun was far from invictus, I was back on the rowing machine.  A man can hide on a rowing machine.  It’s based on an ancient form of exercise practiced by galley slaves from the time of Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero.  One day, when I looked up, I saw a large woman.  She had the elliptical machine cranked at a mighty three miles an hour.  Sweat poured off her with the exertion.  Another day, a skinny little brunette eased on the elliptical machine.  She cranked it at a mighty two miles an hour, her toned body effortlessly going through the motions, while she read Self Magazine.  That first woman reminded me why the gym is a house of fitness, while the second turned it into a den of iniquity.
We aren’t the sort of group that gathers for group photos on a squirrel path.  Yet, members have run their first half-marathons, first 30Ks, gotten out and gardened as they never have before.  We don’t look pretty when we exercise; when we are done, that is when we look pretty.
Take my mom.  She’s not a skinny little blond.  She’s had blisters, shin splints, and days when she hasn’t felt like getting out of bed.  When it comes to fitness, she’s in the 1% of Americans who actually get off their duffs and do a half-marathon.  That’s awesome.  She’s not keeping up the Kardashians, she’s getting things done.
Our team is awesome.  We set goals and we accomplish them.