Monday, September 3, 2012

Zombie Escape Run Review

I have absolutely no idea how to classify a zombie escape run. There's not really anything cool for finishing first. In fact, it was part of my plan not to finish first, but then again, plans aren't that important.
The goal of the zombie escape run was to not get mauled by people dressed as zombies, which jogging through a 5k course. This is a major pain, as the zombies have been standing around, while I've been sprinting around. Nonetheless, I got dressed up, worse some flags, and spent five bucks to have some extra flags. We get to run around the fairgrounds.
There's some obstacles along the course, which were actually somewhat pointless. I think they existed mainly to keep the runners from getting in nice bunches, which would make it harder for the zombies to do their thing. I fondly remember seeing a fox after the first water station, which adds to the cool wildlife theory of running. Actually, the waterslide obstacle was cool, even if I am not that good at doing waterslides. There's something about taking big running leaps that is really hard, since runners are not usually natural leapers.
The one reason why this ended up being insanely difficult is that it was a combination of jogging and sprinting to avoid people trying to grab me, which actually does get old somewhere in the first two clicks. Being near the front of the pack is inviting trouble, and really gets to be a drag. I have to give respect to the other cool zombie who grabbed my flag from behind at the end of a section, right when I slowed down too soon. That was awesome.
So, anyway, I did the event, and it actually was pretty fun. I wouldn't brag about it being the most awesome 5k ever, still don't know what I feel about obstacle style racing (here's a hint, physical fitness isn't a prerequisite, and doesn't help to win) but found it a change-up from the usual racing. The trail series runners had to deal with a bear, so I'm taking coolness points for avoiding dealing with avoiding the bear.

August 18, 2012

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